Landlords Fees

Service Total (VAT Included)
Tenant Find Service

Includes rental valuation and agreeing market rent, finding a tenant in accordance with the landlord’s guidelines. Marketing and advertising the property; erecting a board and carrying out viewings as appropriate. Collecting and remitting the first month’s rent received, deducting commission and other works invoices, and supplying a statement.

Applies to all service levels

1 Calendar month’s rent
(applies to all service levels)
Rent Collection Service

Includes Tenant find Service plus a monthly commission calculated as a percentage of the monthly rent, includes collecting and remitting the monthly rent received, deducting commission and other works, and supplying monthly statements. When necessary it includes the first stages of pursuance of non-payment of rent and providing advice on rent arrears actions

Managed Service

Includes Tenant find service plus Monthly Management

A monthly commission calculated as a percentage of the monthly rent, includes collecting and remitting the monthly rent received, deducting commission and other works, and supplying monthly statements. When necessary it includes the first stages of pursuance of non-payment of rent and providing advice on rent arrears actions. It includes 1 routine visit every 6 months. Liaising with tenants and handling their queries, providing a maintenance reporting and handling system including out of hours.

Other fees that may apply (non- optional for fully managed services)
Rent and Legal Protection Insurance Fee

A monthly fee for rent and legal insurance if taken in addition to the Monthly management Fee for Rent Collect Service or Fully Managed Service

2.88% + Ipt
Contract Pack:  Includes arranging and administrating an ARLA approved tenancy agreement, referencing and right to rent check for up to 2 tenants. £180.00
Additional tenant referencing fee £36.00
Guarantor referencing fee £36.00
Deposit Registration Fee / Deposit replacement scheme fee.

All residential tenants’ deposits must be registered – by law – with a Government approved Scheme. This fee is for registering the landlord and tenant details and protecting the security deposit; then providing the tenant(s) with the Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information within 30 days of the start of the tenancy. The scheme used by Cobblestones Estates is the Deposit Protection Service. The fee also covers the administration of the receiving and holding the deposit in our client money account and providing CMP insurance cover for monies held, and associated administration.  This Fee is payable for all tenancy types including company and commercial lets as it covers our administration and holding of the deposit on your behalf.

Inventory Fees

See separate schedule. Dependent on the number of bedrooms and/or size of the property and outbuildings.

See attached schedule
Renewal Fee (Landlord’s Share)

Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement

Periodic term tenancy arrangement fee

Transferring a tenancy to a periodic tenancy at the end of a fixed term.

Check Out Fee (Landlord’s Share) £144.00
Start of tenancy health and safety compliance pack, includes smoke and CO alarm, Legionella risk assessment report, HHSRS style inspection and pre tenancy check. £120.00
Gas Safety Certificate Arrangement Fee –does not include cost of certificate £30.00
GSR checking and storing

(Review of existing Gas Safety Certificates provided by the Landlord)

Arranging EPC

Arranging for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) as required prior to marketing of all Rented Property this fee covers arranging access and retaining the certificate. It does not include the cost of the certificate.

Additional Contractor Quotes

If more than 2 contractor quotes are required by the landlord for maintenance works, this fee is charged per additional quote required.

Deposit Deduction Fee

Post checkout if any proposed deductions in the security deposit are disputed by the tenant, this fee covers compiling the relevant documentation to support the landlord’s position.

Arrangement Fee for Works   (A Percentage of the work’s invoice)

Arranging access and assessing costs with contractor. Processing payments and invoices and retaining any warranty or guarantee as a result of any works.

Arrangement fee for Landlords own contractor

A fixed fee for liaising with the contractor and tenant and arranging access.  An additional fee will apply if a member of staff is required to attend the property with the contractor (see additional property visits section for charges)

Quarterly Submission of non-resident Landlords to HMRC £90.00
Annual submission of non-resident Landlords to HMRC
Price on request
Quarterly Submission of rental income on behalf of Landlords to HMRC £30.00
Annual submission of rental income on behalf of Landlords to HMRC £48.00
Dealing with Landlords insurance and warranties

includes contacting the Landlords insurance or warranty providers at the request of the Landlord.

Additional Property Visits

To attend for specific requests such as neighbour disputes, more visits are required to monitor the tenancy, any maintenance-linked or routine visit over the included 1 visit every 6 months. We can also arrange to carry out property visits when the property is untenanted by agreement

Court Attendance only

Expenses will be charged in addition where relevant. (Expenses include travel, accommodation and parking etc. if applicable.)

£42.00/£72.00 P/H
Issuing a section notice £60.00/£150.00
When a Landlord terminates an agreement before the tenancy has started.

This is the fee for handling the withdrawal only in addition any costs incurred or outstanding relating to the marketing and set up of the property, referencing AST agreements etc and losses incurred by the agent or which must be repaid to any potential tenant will be passed to the landlord.

£360.00 + costs
When a Landlord terminates an agreement and the tenant remains in the property.

Any additional costs occurred by the agent in administrating and handing over the tenancy to the landlord will be passed to the Landlord in addition.

1 month’s rent plus costs
Refurbishment /Improvement fee:

for obtaining quotes for improvement works (per quotation)

Payable at the time of instruction if quotes are required for refurbishment of the property

Site Visit

When a Landlord requests a specific visit in order to access a maintenance requirement

Receiving checking and arranging the transfer of the tenancy deposit to the Landlord to protect and hold themselves. £48.00
Rent review fee £48.00
  • We may also receive commissions from: Contractors, Insurance Companies, Referencing Companies, Utility Providers

Please ask a member of staff if you have any questions about our fees.